Beyond Arm Balances: Workshop

and 30-Day Program

Sign-up for our online workshop or 30-day program to learn:

  • Why upper body strength and flexibility is crucial to your overall fitness and wellness.
  • Why a strong core is crucial for arm balances and inversions
  • How to combine yoga, calisthenics, isometrics, and strength training to improve upper body strength.
  • Proper form and alignment of foundational inversions and arm balances


Form and function of intermediate and advanced arm balances

Why sit-ups aren't working: Strengthening the core & pelvic floor

Modification Module: how to safely build strength & flexibility

Anatomy Guides for the wrists and shoulders


Sam Patterson, Yoga Studio Owner and Intercollegiate Athletic Head Coach

Luke Jenkins, NASM Personal trainer & Nutrition Coach

Details, Details, Details

The Beyond Arm Balances workshop and 30-day program are both online and self-paced, so you can complete the lessons when and where works for you.


Includes all lessons and tutorials listed above.

Registration Closes: June 12th at noon

Can be completed in 2-3 days (or maybe one power-packed day!)

Cost: $55


Registration Closes: June 12th at noon

Can be added onto your workshop (at checkout). This includes a 30-day practice plan, including weekly classes and drills.

Should be completed in 30 days

Additional Cost: $70

Opening & Strengthening

Building up: poses for loosening and opening the wrists and shoulders

Building up: poses for strengthening the wrists, forearms, and shoulders

Strength training for the wrists, forearms, and shoulders

Anatomy of Wrists & Shoulders

Anatomy of wrists and shoulders

Forces on wrist and shoulder structures

Hasta Banda & avoiding wrist Pain

Anatomy of balance 

Scapula stability

Joint angles

Arm Balances & Inversions

A guide to fundamental poses like plank, wild thing, chaturanga, dolphin and crow pose.

Bonus guide to more advanced arm balances like headstand, scale or pendant pose, and eight angle pose.

Join me to get stronger and more flexible!


Weekend Workshop

Learn ways to improve flexibility and strength in your upper body.

Meet the Instructor: Aurora Bonner

I'm a Registered Yoga instructor, Zen Barre instructor, and writing and mindfulness instructor. I offer fitness-based classes that focus on strengthening the core and meeting you where you are today.

I have practiced yoga for over twenty-five years and am constantly surprised at how my yoga journey has developed and changed. I love strong asana-based practices (with lots of challenges!) but need the mental clarity and calmness yoga brings.

An avid hiker, runner, and outdoor enthusiast, I enjoy mountain views, my garden, and spending my time with my amazing kids.